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PHONE CLOSERS Make YOU High-Ticket Commissions, While The Systems Build YOUR Monthly RESIDUAL INCOME!

 Grab Your Groundfloor POSITION Right Now Before This Explodes Worldwide!

WANTED: Serious Entrepreneurs Who are Ready for a NEW High-Ticket Commission Revolution!

UEconomy is a ground floor opportunity...

Multiplex System Inc., a 19-year old company based in New York City, is proud to present UEconomy. Combined, their previous business systems have generated over 1.6 million members - paying out over $400 million dollars in commission. This new system, UEconomy, has been a year in the making ... taking everything they've learned from developing high-converting digital products with high-paying commission systems into one new program.

  • 100% Commissions and 100% Referral Commissions

  • Easy Entry Price Points of $25, $100, $250 and $500

  • High-Ticket Commissions of $1,500, $3K, $6K, $12K, $25K and $50K

  • 12-Level Deep Residual Income on Entire Business Team

  • Professional Phone Closers Make Sales for YOU and YOUR Team

  • Proprietary Digital Education & Training Products and Software Platforms

  • Open to Millions of People Worldwide

With a combined 47 years of marketing experience, the UEconomy.Team offers you incredible support, training and proven resources that will help you build your business.

As a member of our team, you will receive your own copy of this exact website with all the links coded to you, making it easy to share the UEconomy business with others.

The UEconomy.Team also provides you with the following proven marketing resources...

Affordable Tier-One Click Traffic - Traffic is the lifeblood of your business and we've got the goods. Best of all? It's 100% done for you. Just order from our special link and watch the visitors flood into your website.

Proprietary Texting Platform - As you well understand, most people keep their cell phone within arms reach at all times and check it 150 times a day. Our top secret texting platform will connect you with your prospects via their most desired method of communication. Highly discounted team rate @ Only 1.5 cents per text.

HOT Mobile Data For SMS Marketing - What good is a texting platform without the right people to contact? Our mobile data is ready to be texted about your UEconomy biz today.

Ringless Voice Drop Messages - You will have access to pre-written and pre-recorded high converting messages. These messages are professionally recorded and convert like crazy. Simply plug them into the broadcasting platform of choice and let 'em rip. They will convince your prospects to take action and get started in your UEconomy biz.

Postcards & Mailing Services - Do you wanna pay for and hire a copywriter, graphic designer and mailing house to create and mail postcards for you? Sounds expensive and time consuming, right? No worries, we've got you covered. The hard work has already been done. Just choose the cards from our selection, pay the discounted price and we'll handle the rest. The result is high quality, tangible postcards in your prospects hands directing them to your website.

Banner Advertising - You will have access to full color banners, along with a list of proven banner ad networks.

U-Marketplace Initial Resale Product - You will receive a complete digital product package you can resell in the marketplace. This creates another income stream, provides experience using the software platform and it can also be used to showcase UEconomy to your prospects.

The UEconomy 3-Phase Launch Plan


The Founder’s Launch Started on May 3rd, 2017.
Members who join during this launch period can get “Founder” status and can unlock higher levels in the 12-level plan immediately.


The Prelaunch Begins June 7th. The Founders Launch ends and the official Prelaunch of the company begins. Products will become available to both Founding and New Members.


The Official Company Launch Begins Mid-September. All products will be available to Members and the company will be focusing on the upcoming “Grand Opening” Convention scheduled for October/November.

Accessible to Millions of People Worldwide

Proprietary digital education and training products and software platforms in high-demand by millions who want to make money on the internet!

Earn up to $50,000 for a SINGLE Referral

Big Ticket Commissions from each referral makes it easier to create a life-changing income with just a few sales a month.

Earn 12 Levels of
Residual Income

Commissions are paid 12 levels deep (unlimited width) from your entire business team, designed to create a growing passive monthly residual income.

UEconomy's Products Hit The Hot-Buttons of Millions of People Who Want To Make Money On The Internet!

The largest (and hungriest) market on the Internet is the "Make Money" market. Millions of people worldwide want to know how to create a part-time or even a full-time income that'll let them quit the 9-to-5 grind.

UEconomy's entire product line is 100% focused on serving this market - by providing proprietary digital education and training products along with high-demand software platforms that will help them achieve their financial goals.

So, how do you earn commissions in UEconomy by licensing their products?  It's easy...

UEconomy has three Product Categories that create three Income Streams. You can earn 100% commission from product sales of  the U-Marketplace and U-Academy. You can also earn monthly residual income from system sales of the U-Crew software platform.


...is a retail training platform where Members can sell their knowledge and expertise in any area. The system allows Members to upload their original content/offers... resell rights and private label courses... or done-for-you info-products created by UEconomy.

UEconomy Members unlock the software for as little as a one-time payment of $25. Higher levels of U-Marketplace unlock additional member benefits.

  • $25 Level
  • $100 Level
  • $250 Level
  • $500 Level

When you unlock a membership level, you're qualified to earn 100% net commissions on that level. If you purchase a higher level ($100 to $500), you'll automatically be comped all lower levels. ("net commission" = minus a 5% payment processing fee)


...is the company's Digital Training Center.  This is where our Entrepreneur Members will find life-changing coaching and training designed to help them achieve financial freedom. All products are available online (worldwide) for a one-time payment.

There are six different levels in the U-Academy. You're paid 100% commission on every level you're qualified to earn on.

  • U-Mentor - $1,500 - 1-Year Live Group Coaching Program
  • U-Digital - $3,000 - The Ultimate Internet Info-Marketing Course
  • U-Brand - $6,000 - Creating Your Million Dollar Brand Online
  • U-Network - $12,000 - Secrets to Becoming A 7-Figure Network Marketer
  • U-Live - $25,000 - Attendance at Two Live "7-Figure Coaching" Symposiums
  • U-Master - $50,000 - Launch Your "Digital Franchise" Empire

When you purchase a U-Academy Product, you're qualified to earn 100% net commissions on that level. If you purchase a higher level ($3K to $50K), you'll automatically be comped all lower levels. (There are no payment processing fees.)


...is the Marketing Hub where members get access to done-for-you marketing pages and sales funnels, a lead capture page builder, autoresponders, a complete contact manager, and more! Members can use the software to promote UEconomy, other opportunities, affiliate offers, or their own products.

The fee is $49.95 a month - and it pays out up to 12 levels through the Unilevel pay plan.

U-Crew creates a powerful growing residual income.

The U-Crew $49.95 monthly fee is commissionable through it's own 12-Level "Unilevel" pay plan. This is a required fee for all UEconomy Members. Below is a breakdown of the monthly commissions paid for each level.

  • Level 1 - $7 a Month
  • Level 2 - $3 a Month
  • Level 3 - $3 a Month
  • Level 4 - $5 a Month
  • Level 5 - $2 a Month
  • Level 6 - $6 a Month
  • Level 7 - $7 a Month
  • Level 8 - $2 a Month
  • Level 9 - $3 a Month
  • Level 10 - $2 a Month
  • Level 11 - $1 a Month
  • Level 12 - $1 a Month

The UEconomy Compensation Plans

Get Paid 100% Commissions (Plus Passive Leverage) As Well As Monthly Residual Income!

UEconomy pays 100% commissions through a 3 part compensation plan; include low-ticket, high-ticket and residual income.

Reverse 1-Up Compensation Plan

Members earn 100% commission on every product level they're qualified to earn on. Members keep 100% of the commission on their first referral, pass-up their second referral (including commmission) to their Sponsor. Members then keep all future 100% commissions on all future sales.

You will then begin to receive 100% pass-up commissions from your referred members. This can multiply your income rapidly with no additional effort on your part.

Note: New Members pay a "License Fee" for the U-Marketplace and U-Academy Product Levels they purchase. The license Fees for U-Marketplace are $5 for the $25 Level, $10 for the $100 Level, $25 for the $250 Level or $50 for the $500 Level. The License Fees for U-Academy are $150 for U-Mentor, $300 for U-Digital, $600 for U-Brand, $1200 for U-Network, $2,500 for U-Live or $5,000 for U-Master. Members do NOT pay License Fees on products they are comped when joining at higher levels.

12-Level: Unilevel Compensation Plan

This 12-level compensation plan lets you get paid on depth on a massive affiliate organization. With no limits to the number of affiliates you can earn money from on each level – and 12 levels of commissions – you can see how this can quickly add up to serious residual income.

UCoaches (Professional Phone Team) Make Sales For YOU!

"Access to our Professional Phone Team is a game changer. Now anyone can have a thriving business without the headaches, by leaving the follow-up and selling to the pros. Finally, the playing field has been leveled."

Jason Joyner, Professional Internet Marketer

Our Phone Closing Sales Force Will Call Your Prospects and Get YOU High Ticket Commissions!

Let Our Team Close Sales For You!

All you do is turn “on” the phone closing system in your UEconomy Business Back Office. Our team of professional sales people (UCoaches) will call your prospects and close your high ticket sales for you … from $1,500 all the way to $50,000.

If you close your own sales, you keep 100% of each high ticket sale. If you choose to let our phone closers make sales for you, the commission will be split 50/50. You will receive half of the sale – and the remaining 50% will be split between the phone closer (40%) and UEconomy (10%).

Earning 40% of each high ticket sale, you can imagine that these phone closers are highly motivated to make you the highest sales possible – while you are enjoying your life.

Phone closers are completely optional – and you can switch on/off the phone closing option at any time. It’s your business. You’re in total control.

6 Important Reasons to Join UEconomy Now!

It's a Brand New Ground Floor Opportunity

We've been FIRST in a few programs, recruiting and making sales is always easier when you're in on the ground floor. If you're reading this, you're still within the company Pre-Launch. Not only is the market fresh - but it converts HIGHER - because everyone wants to get in on the ground floor of a new opportunity.

100% Commissions from $25 to $50,000

100% commissions add up fast. Forget making 25% to 75% per sale in other high ticket and top-tier opportunities. Just a few 100% commissions a month can add up to serious money. Imagine getting multiple commissions of $100 ... $500 ... $1,500 or more each month. High ticket 100% commissions add up fast.

100% Pass-Up Commissions Multiply YOUR Income

This is B-I-G! Every person you refer to UEconomy has to pass-up their 2nd 100% commission to you. Imagine having just 10 members who each pass you up a $500 commission. That's $5,000 in bonus income. Every passed-up member also has to pass-up their 2nd 100% commission, too - which multiplies your income automatically with no end in sight.

12 Levels of Monthly Residual Income

You'll now be paid down 12 levels of your entire organization - to make sure you're paid in depth as your team grows. This is unheard of in top-tier and high ticket programs - but with the unlimited width and 12-level depth - your residuals can add up fast. Even with just a small team and minimal duplication, this can turn into $5K to $10K a month or more.

In-Demand Income Building Products & Software

Your Members will have access to software and coaching programs that help them build their own online business in their spare time. They'll learn how to create fast info-products ... sell them online through our U-Marketplace ... and build their brand, mailing list, and income. We have EVERYTHING people need to build a true Lifestyle Business!

Phone Closers Make High Ticket Sales For YOU

You'll also have a LIVE professional phone sales force making sales on your behalf if you choose to use them. These highly-trained "U-Coaches" will talk to your prospects for you - and close your high ticket sales for you. Imagine being on vacation and having your very own Phone Sales Team making you money everyday!

The Founder of UEconomy has helped over 1.6 million members generate over $400 million dollars in commissions in his previous companies. Now he's ready to dwarf this previous success with this new company.

Peter Wolfing, UEconomy Founder

Now Is The Time To Join UEconomy and Position Yourself To Make An Extra 6-Figures!

You're seeing this during the Prelaunch of a brand new company. If you get in now... before the masses see this incredible opportunity, you have a "First Movers Advantage" that the other 99% will never get... Don't lose this opportunity to make an extra six-figures in the next 12 months. Click the button below to create your account and start making real money with UEconomy right now.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Can I start promoting the business right away?

YES! Once you have created your account and paid for a level of the U-Marketplace and U-Crew, you'll have a link you can immediately start to promote. Promote heavily - because the Prelaunch is the best time to bring in new Members. The more Members you get in now, the more momentum you'll have through the Launch.

Will the products be available during the Prelaunch?

Yes. The products and software will be released during the Prelaunch phase which starts June 7th, 2017. The Prelaunch is a time to let early-adopters get in, get positioned, and start building their teams before the official Launch. During the Prelaunch, the coaching and materials will start to appear in your backoffice.

Can I Upgrade to a Higher Level at a later date?

Absolutely! You can join at any level you want now and upgrade at a later date. Keep in mind, you're comped the lower levels when you join at a higher level. For example: if you join at the $500 level of U-Marketplace, the $25, $100, and $250 levels are FREE! So you save $375 by joining at the $500 level. AND, you don't have to pass-up any commissions from the comped levels.

Do the Phone Closes Sell The U-Marketplace or U-Crew?

No. Since the phone closers are paid based on the sales they make for you, there isn't enough profit in the U-Marketplace or U-Crew levels for it to make financial sense for phone closers to promote your lower-tier offers. As long as you purchase the $1,500 product or higher, you can work with the phone closers make sales for you.

How often are commissions paid out and how are they paid?

Commissions are paid out each week. They're paid out via check, bitcoin, and other methods you'll find in your UEconomy back office.

What happens to commissions I'm not qualified to be paid?

Any commissions you're not qualified to earn roll-up to the first person in your upline who is qualified to earn that commission. For example, if you're qualified at the $3,000 level - and you refer Bob who joins at the $6,000 level - that $6,000 commission would roll-up to the first person in your upline who IS qualified at the $6,000 level. That's why it's important to position yourself at a high level - so YOU can be the one to capture these roll-up commissions.

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